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Let Artificial Intelligence document your meetings for you

Tired of taking notes during meetings?

We get it! Nobody likes to write up the minutes for a meeting or a conference call. It takes time and distracts you from your real job.

Now Q is here to save your day!

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Here’s how it works

Using Q is really easy

Step 1: Schedule

Simply invite Q along with the other participants through Outlook or any other calendar app. It just needs a date, time, the dial-in number and a participant code to dial in.

Rest assured

Q will be there, any time of day. It’s a robot, it never sleeps.

Step 2: Dial in

Q will dial in automatically into the conference call or web conference like a human participant. Once it arrives, it will announce its presence and standby for instructions.

Good to know

If somebody doesn’t want Q to listen: Just say “Q Hang Up” and Q leaves.

Step 3: Minutes

Q uses the most advanced machine learning based Speech to Text technology available to create accurate minutes. And it always pays attention. After all, it's a robot.

How does it work?

By simply talking to Q you get well structured, usable minutes with action items, decision logs and summaries.

Step 4: Edit

Right after the meeting is finished Q will send you the meeting minutes via email. The minutes are nicely formatted and contain everything you added during the meeting.

What do I do now?

The document can be edited, so you can add anything you like. You can also use your own design templates or add images etc.

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Stop writing meeting minutes yourself

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Works with…

Q works with most major conferencing platforms

Here’s what our users say

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Why Q by MinuteHero?

  • Save time: Q reduces the time needed to document meetings by up to 80%.

  • Supercharge meeting productivity: Ensure that you don’t spend the next meeting discussing what was decided in the previous one.

  • Become uber-structured: Using Q helps to give meetings more structure by focusing it around outputs.

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